Beyond the Super-fish-ial

Something that I’ve discovered about myself since I’ve come to Emmanuel is that I love helping people learn. Even in freshmen biology when my classmates were struggling with material, I found that I could usually explain the concepts to them with relative ease. As a preschool teaching assistant, I noted that kids especially learn best through sensory components. This makes a lot of sense to me, and I’ve adapted much of the way I speak with kiddos to 1) always ask them questions, and 2) show then tell. For example, one of the munchkins in my class asked me once what the detergent pods were that I was putting into the dishwasher. Simply telling him it was soap wasn’t going to make much sense from his perspective. So, I got him a cup of warm water and a spoon so we could see what happened when he dropped it in and stirred. I wafted it up to him and asked what it smelled like, to which he replied, “laundry.” Sometimes they get there.

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The Playing Field

Ever since I visited Boston, I knew that I wanted to live here at some point in my life. It didn’t occur to me early in my high school career that I could have the opportunity to study here for my four college years. Every story is the same: I came to my dream school/city/town, I met so many wonderful people in my college career, and now I hope to extend my skills in my professional career. So far, I have done all those things. But what has made my time worthwhile in Boston and at Emmanuel is the cultural aspect that surrounds me everywhere I go. A simple two-minute conversation at my favorite coffee shop, (Neighborhoods) with a professor or fellow student at many of the surrounding schools truly ties in the atmosphere that had appealed to me so much when I was picking colleges. The extension of the classroom in life lessons and conversations is what has made my time here so much more than what I had expected a year and a half ago.

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Celebrating the End of Winter with Pancakes

Every year, Russians celebrate the end of winter by stuffing themselves with thin pancakes (blini) for six whole days! And that’s just the beginning! You also get 4 days off from school and work. Known as “Maslenitsa”, everyone on this holiday prepares these pancakes at home all week, and then celebrates with a big festival on the last Sunday of February.



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For The Kids

We were told to sleep during the day as much as possible, since from 10:00 p.m. to 10:00 a.m. we would be wide-awake. This wasn’t a problem at all for me; although I remember thinking it was kind of weird to hop in bed late mid-day with my alarm set to wake me up around eight in the evening. My hands were still stained purple and pink, results of tie dying team shirts a few days before. In my head, I repeated the dance that we had to learn to be done every hour on the hour. I wasn’t sure what to expect, or even if I could make it the entire 12 hours locked inside the gym. Emmanuel College’s Dance Marathon (ECDM) had officially begun.

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Last summer I was fortunate enough to take a study-abroad marine microbiology course at Emmanuel with Dr. March (one of my favorite faculty members here). After the lecture portion in the Spring, we got the opportunity to travel to Australia to conduct field research as well as explore both Sydney and Queensland. I always knew I would like field work, but after snorkeling and diving at the Great Barrier Reef, I realized I had a real affinity for marine biology. This, among other things, inspired me to pursue an internship at the New England Aquarium and I have yet to regret it!

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A Day at the MFA

I’m an art person. My Mom was an art major in college so part of me thinks the interest in it was passed down from her own. Either way, I’ll forever identify as more right-brained (creativity, color, emotion) rather than left (logic, numbers, reasoning). Despite wishing I could paint the summer away instead of spending long hours waitressing, I had never been to an art museum. Places like the Met seemed too upscale and pricey for a girl who hated spending money even on gas.

Your Fenway Card gets you into the Museum of Fine Arts for free!” was what drew me out of a tired stare during Orientation Week at Emmanuel. I’d passed by the marbled, Colosseum-style building while exploring the Fenway neighborhood. My next task was to find someone who would actually want to spend an afternoon in an art gallery. Surprisingly, it wasn’t difficult to find people. For the art or for the Instagram post, visiting the MFA was of high interest. Since my first trip freshman year, I’ve found that the long, impressive halls are a great place to relax and take your mind off of schoolwork for a bit, especially during midterms. (Hello to the upcoming week!) With the weather finally reaching out towards warmer days, the under ten minute walk was particularly easy to take today. With galleries filled with ancient sculptures larger than life, flashy neon signs, and Monet’s famous lily pads, it was a great way to ignore a seven page paper for a good hour or so.

Check out some of the pictures below of what’s right in Emmanuel’s backyard!

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Getting a Jump on Success

During the college search process, certain features of different universities stand out. The first school you toured may have the prettiest campus, but the second one definitely has the best business program. These key features are especially effective once your many college options begin to blend together; I know mine started to. For me, Emmanuel’s shining feature is one of the reasons why I decided to choose this school. Emmanuel prides itself on supporting and guiding its students to internship opportunities that lead to success (and a career!) after graduation. Internships are important for gaining professional experience, building a résumé, and networking. In order to prepare for an internship, students are encouraged to take a pass/fail pre-internship program offered through the career center. Read more