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Getting a Jump on Success

During the college search process, certain features of different universities stand out. The first school you toured may have the prettiest campus, but the second one definitely has the best business program. These key features are especially effective once your many college options begin to blend together; I know mine started to. For me, Emmanuel’s shining feature is one of the reasons why I decided to choose this school. Emmanuel prides itself on supporting and guiding its students to internship opportunities that lead to success (and a career!) after graduation. Internships are important for gaining professional experience, building a résumé, and networking. In order to prepare for an internship, students are encouraged to take a pass/fail pre-internship program offered through the career center. Read more

To and Fro

After all the pig’s feet, roast pork belly, braised fish and some other home-cooked meals from my mom, the day going back to the airport couldn’t have arrived any sooner, and I was looking forward to flying back – well, everything except the big layover in Amsterdam. After being a couch potato on the plane for 14 hours, spying on Instagram and filtering photos, arriving at the airport in Saint Petersburg and seeing the “dobro pozhalovat” (добро пожаловать – welcome) sign was that feeling of “YAAAAAAASSS.”

After five months of studying and living in cold and scary Russia (sarcasm), I had decided to go home and pay a visit to my family. There was excitement – from going to see my parents, my grandma and rice. But also, there was an exciting feeling of knowing I was going back to the “motherland” after what would be a short 12-day visit in the USA.

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A Note to the Undecided Student

At eighteen, along with the rest of high school seniors, I was faced with the decision on what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, and what school would help me get there. It seemed like everyone around me knew what career they wanted. Me? I only knew what subjects I was bad at and definitely didn’t want to peruse. My choice to attend Emmanuel was largely based on my indecisiveness – as a liberal arts school, it offers a wide variety of courses that students can explore in order to get a better idea of what major they want to declare.

During your freshman year, Emmanuel encourages exploring classes relating to multiple majors that you may be interested in. Since I am far from a science and math person, I took classes relating to art, english and business. Each incoming student is set up with an academic advisor that assists in transitioning from high school to college. Academic advisors understand that your first choice of major probably won’t be your last; personally, I have changed my major three times before deciding.

For those students who have absolutely no idea about what they’re good at, what they don’t excel at, and what they do or do not enjoy, Emmanuel offers tools to narrow your search. Through the school’s main site, (www.emmanuel.edu) a link to a system called MyMajors can be found. MyMajors computes career plans and majors to consider based on personal academic aptitude and interests. Since I’m more of the creative type and enjoy writing, MyMajors directed me towards options that I would be able to handle knowledge wise as well as enjoy.

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