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Going All In (and Not Leaving)

Having graduated just about two weeks ago, my blog posts are coming to an end, but I thought I’d leave my readers with some final thoughts. Last post, I talked a little bit about my impending doom and not being sure what would happen after graduating from Emmanuel. Well, as it turns out, this institution just can’t get rid of me that fast. I’ve accepted a full-time position as a Support Center Analyst I at the Emmanuel College IT Helpdesk where I will continue to work with our awesome department and have the opportunity to take on some more responsibility as a staff member. Maybe you’re thinking, “Hey, don’t you have a degree in Biology? What about those turtles you like so much?” Let me be the first to say 1) Can’t you just be happy for me? I have a job! 2) I truly like this job and all it has to offer 3)  Biology is definitely still in the plan.

I’m currently applying for any research/field work I can find in the area whether through volunteering or interning to gain some experience before potentially applying to graduate school in a few years. Who says biological work doesn’t depend on technology? Having a background in IT (not to mention a steady income) is certainly not going hurt my ability to make a difference in the world of conservation!

Here is where I will switch gears a little. Some of the more dominant thoughts on my mind the past couple of weeks have been about my beautiful friends and their (sometimes overwhelmingly) supportive attitudes. So, I’m dedicating my last post to you guys. Thanks for always being there and for putting up with my unending rants about how much I hate straws. Please enjoy some photos from our last few days as undergrads:

(Yes, Hailey somehow made it into every single photo I decided to include in this post.)

 Caroline Lussier caroline_moosier| @CarolineLoosyay

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