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Adulting and a Fenway Frank

FullSizeRenderIn the last month or so, I had become extremely invested in figuring my life out. I’m not sure why I felt the need to have every aspect of my future set – I’m twenty years old, I don’t need to start thinking about a 401k. But still, with sophomore pinning rounding the corner and an official major set, I decided that it was time to transition from college student into a functioning member of society.

My plan began with deciding to find a Real Adult Job. For years up until now, I worked as a waitress at a country club. It was perfect for those years; the tips were great, my hours were flexible, but I felt like it was time to move on. I had risen up the totem pole from new girl to the last remaining of the original staff. My parents, one a corporate director and the other the owner of a business, agreed wholeheartedly that yes! A Real Adult Job would be a great thing!

Resumes cover letters, finding a paying internship…I had no idea where to even start. Luckily for me, an easily made appointment with the Career Center took at least two of my problems off my hands. A professional looking resume? Check. A cover letter with just the right amount of brown nosing? Check. In under an hour, on paper, I became a lot more professional I felt.

At the same time as the search for a Real Adult Job, two roommates and I began hitting the pavement of Boston in hopes to find an apartment for the next school year. Two years had gone by living in the dorms, and while we had become adjusted to sharing a bathroom with a floor of girls, and cafeteria food, it too had become outgrown. Finding an apartment was a lot more difficult than it initially seemed. Between taking out payments and Uber-ing to Allston to sign the lease, sleep became uncommon.

Apartments were still at the back of my mind when I returned to my internship search. Five weeks of the semester left and with still no leads, I felt like walls were beginning to close in around me. I sent out countless emails, contacted several companies, but still nothing. Figuring out how to “adult” on my own was more than I could handle. Eventually, I snapped.

It was briefly after that moment of breakdown that I realized I didn’t have to figure everything out, and I especially didn’t have to figure it out on my own. My purpose of writing this piece is this conclusion; to anyone in the same place as I was—relax. My lease was eventually signed. My parents, who I often try to prove my independence to, were more helpful than I thought in finding a Real Adult Job. I haven’t heard back from anything yet, but I’m not too worried.

You have your entire college career to figure out what you want to do and how you are going to get there. The best thing about living in Boston is that even if you reach that breakdown point, there are countless of things to do to turn your day or week around. For me, the uphill began on a warm Opening Day and joining the hundreds of Sox fans around Yawkey Way. My adult life took a pause in the form of an adventure, in search of the perfect Fenway Frank. Taking a break and feeling like a kid again? There’s nothing better.

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