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The Playing Field

Ever since I visited Boston, I knew that I wanted to live here at some point in my life. It didn’t occur to me early in my high school career that I could have the opportunity to study here for my four college years. Every story is the same: I came to my dream school/city/town, I met so many wonderful people in my college career, and now I hope to extend my skills in my professional career. So far, I have done all those things. But what has made my time worthwhile in Boston and at Emmanuel is the cultural aspect that surrounds me everywhere I go. A simple two-minute conversation at my favorite coffee shop, (Neighborhoods) with a professor or fellow student at many of the surrounding schools truly ties in the atmosphere that had appealed to me so much when I was picking colleges. The extension of the classroom in life lessons and conversations is what has made my time here so much more than what I had expected a year and a half ago.

Also, the collaboration on the field with my teammates on the soccer team and the bond that has grown so strong among us has led me to meet so many amazing people. Growing up, I was always in love with soccer. The rise and fall of the stadium, the hometown fan base that seemed to get louder as the game progressed, and the lifelong family bond that you created with your teammates and friends on and off the field were the appealing factors to stick with soccer in college. The idea of family brings about memories of struggle, love, and perseverance in through the good and bad. I think the team aspect throughout my entire life has shaped the compassionate and driven individual that I am today. The community aspect that encompasses all Emmanuel athletics inspires me to appreciate everything inside and outside the gates of Emmanuel College. My teammates are all so involved in on and off-campus life, whether it be service, internships, or other athletic and educational clubs; they all truly encompass what is means to be a well-rounded college student-athlete.

I remember the bus rides back from games, the late night practices ending with the lights shutting off leaving the lit Boston skyline behind us, and the very, very hot preseason that led us to become a well-connected team. Those memories don’t just develop in a couple of minutes. The commitment of every individual on the team to lead a successful and cohesive unit on and off the field day in and day out has created a family that cares about each other around campus. My time on the Emmanuel College soccer team has driven me to become more involved in on-campus activities as well as expand my cultural horizon around Boston with the variety of interests and passions on the team. I believe that every individual brings their own unique experience to our team, and that has brought so many interesting and inspiring stories that have only been positive to my entire experience at Emmanuel. These guys are role models and community leaders, and my involvement with the Emmanuel College soccer team has been the most rewarding experience in my college career thus far.

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