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Last summer I was fortunate enough to take a study-abroad marine microbiology course at Emmanuel with Dr. March (one of my favorite faculty members here). After the lecture portion in the Spring, we got the opportunity to travel to Australia to conduct field research as well as explore both Sydney and Queensland. I always knew I would like field work, but after snorkeling and diving at the Great Barrier Reef, I realized I had a real affinity for marine biology. This, among other things, inspired me to pursue an internship at the New England Aquarium and I have yet to regret it!

Below are some pictures from the trip. Also, I hope everyone likes the fish pun, my friend told me it “cod” be better.

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13962538_10210045230317570_7831931900778198997_nHailey Laflin, Executive Director of Finance on the SGA, but more importantly, my best friend.



Orpheus Island

13909180_10210045002511875_9139212654596102370_o         13909167_10210045145115440_725411778068936203_oAn impressive giant clam.        13920904_10210045039272794_1734544397962859456_nMangrove trees are very important.

       13923239_10210045041552851_3813197098147941043_o Seriously, do your research.

13923401_10210045008752031_7297532305823557128_oA rather large spider hanging out at one of the wet labs (my face for scale).

    13923617_10210045046432973_8330003894451850048_o        14047182_10210045006991987_4547888995555280711_o       This coral reef tank cycles water from the harbor so researchers can monitor the conditions closely. You can learn more about this research facility here.20160729_093356000_iosThe whole crew.

Tjapukai Cultural Park

13926018_10210044919709805_4417790898209433211_o      This is Connor (also my best friend) and he took a lot of the pictures in this album as well. On this day we learned about some of the aboriginal people in Northern Queensland who were kind enough to welcome us with this face paint.


The Daintree Rainforest

13925546_10210044862268369_4906204426949914112_o          13958296_10210044842307870_1085870016432311240_oOne of the cooler things we got to do on the trip was climb this crane at the observatory (50 meters high).
13962837_10210044847908010_1713505285091528990_o                                     20160724_093555000_iosA terrifying, but awesome experience.


This trip really gave me a different perspective on marine life. Now, when I look into the coral reef tanks at the aquarium I’m filled with determination to spread the word about the challenges they face today. I’m even writing my senior seminar grant proposal on the topic of coral bleaching! I guess what I’m trying to say is find something that inspires you and let it drive you.

 Caroline Lussier caroline_moosier| @CarolineLoosyay

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