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A Day at the MFA

I’m an art person. My Mom was an art major in college so part of me thinks the interest in it was passed down from her own. Either way, I’ll forever identify as more right-brained (creativity, color, emotion) rather than left (logic, numbers, reasoning). Despite wishing I could paint the summer away instead of spending long hours waitressing, I had never been to an art museum. Places like the Met seemed too upscale and pricey for a girl who hated spending money even on gas.

Your Fenway Card gets you into the Museum of Fine Arts for free!” was what drew me out of a tired stare during Orientation Week at Emmanuel. I’d passed by the marbled, Colosseum-style building while exploring the Fenway neighborhood. My next task was to find someone who would actually want to spend an afternoon in an art gallery. Surprisingly, it wasn’t difficult to find people. For the art or for the Instagram post, visiting the MFA was of high interest. Since my first trip freshman year, I’ve found that the long, impressive halls are a great place to relax and take your mind off of schoolwork for a bit, especially during midterms. (Hello to the upcoming week!) With the weather finally reaching out towards warmer days, the under ten minute walk was particularly easy to take today. With galleries filled with ancient sculptures larger than life, flashy neon signs, and Monet’s famous lily pads, it was a great way to ignore a seven page paper for a good hour or so.

Check out some of the pictures below of what’s right in Emmanuel’s backyard!

 img_3730      img_3723      img_3709      img_3703      img_3706     img_3726      img_3722      img_3708      img_3728  img_3719     img_3732

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