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Getting a Jump on Success

During the college search process, certain features of different universities stand out. The first school you toured may have the prettiest campus, but the second one definitely has the best business program. These key features are especially effective once your many college options begin to blend together; I know mine started to. For me, Emmanuel’s shining feature is one of the reasons why I decided to choose this school. Emmanuel prides itself on supporting and guiding its students to internship opportunities that lead to success (and a career!) after graduation. Internships are important for gaining professional experience, building a résumé, and networking. In order to prepare for an internship, students are encouraged to take a pass/fail pre-internship program offered through the career center.

As a sophomore in my second semester, I’m three weeks into the four weeklong pre-internship course. Scheduled once a week, it has already been extremely valuable in teaching me the skills needed to at least act like a professional, and not a twenty-year-old student that can barely fit doing laundry into her schedule.

Our homework for the first week was to take an online test that would determine our personalities. It seemed like I had been taking a lot of these kinds of tests lately, especially ones that would tell me what job would be “perfect for me,” and what I am or am not good at. I was a little skeptical at first, even more so when one of my results spit out that I was introverted. Being introverted always seemed to have a taboo; they were unfriendly, awkward, and a whole pile of other negative adjectives that I did not care to describe myself as.

In class, we discuss how being introverted wasn’t a bad thing. It just meant we looked at situations differently from those deemed extroverts. Introverts focus on internal feelings and tend to assess problems more carefully before making a decision. Along with the other traits determined through the online tests, we learned how to play up these characteristics in order to make us more appealing to future employers.

From there, we were taught how to create an outstanding résumé, produce a cover letter, and conduct ourselves in an interview. Through the career center, we even set up appointments for a mock interview. Mine is coming up, and although I’ve had a few interviews for actual jobs before, I’m a little nervous.

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